Camo Creek Hydrographics

Camo Creek Hydrographics provides water transfer printing with a factory quality finish to protect your equipment from all that Mother Nature can dish out!


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Water Transfer Printing or Hydrographics

Hydrographics - also known as Water Transfer Printing, this process adheres a specialized decorative film on rigid and semi-rigid products consisting of metals or plastic or a combination of the two. The surface of the item must be pretreated and cleaned, so nothing is caught beneath the pattern. A base coat is applied. The film dissolves in water leaving the pattern on the surface of the water. The item is dipped in water and the pattern adheres to the surface of the item. The item is then washed and a top coat finishes the process. We make sure that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles in our work, so that you have the quality you expect every time.

Go to our Pattern Gallery to see our wide selection of designs including Boneyard Camo, ASAT, God's Country, Timber's Edge and Predator, Image Country and more! For finishes, you can choose from Sure Grip, flat or high gloss top coats.

The Hydrographics Process is perfectly suited for the following industries: Hunting and fishing, military, marine, automotive and power sports. Contact us today to find out how Camo Creek Hydrographics can finish your favorite firearm, bow or other item of your choice!